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  • Replaces health hazard lead acid batteries
  • Reduction in weight as compared to lead acid by 80% thereby being more efficient, better load carrying capacity of E vehicles and better performance
  • Increases life cycle by 500% - lifecycle of 3000 charge & discharge as compared to lifecycle of 500 for conventional lead acid battery and 1000 of most of the low quality lithium battery packs presently in the market
  • Enhanced safety with appropriate & customised BMS and Thermal Management
  • Remote monitoring , diagnostics, GPS and instant update to user (24 x 7) on user mobile app
  • Owing to the benefits of Lithium Batteries the market is moving towards lithium battery and there is a need for premium quality supplier offering customized solution
  • Government of India has given thrust on promoting E-Vehicles and more importantly Lithium Batteries. Under FAME 2 only E-Vehicles with Lithium Batteries are eligible for government incentives
  • Customised Range starting from 12 volts 3.5 AH to 72 volts 100 AH