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What We Do

Ranjans Li-on Energy Private Limited incorporated in the year 2019 is built on years of experience of the core promoters and senior management team. The company aims to be the leader in the industry in terms of safety and quality in the cause of promoting portable green energy. The company has a strong In-house Development team working continuously on optimizing the performance, life cycle and safety of the battery pack. At Ranjans Li-on Energy we realize the unique requirements and challenges in each of the client’s requirement and address the same by our customized innovative design and software. We aim at exceeding the performance expectations of the customers, practice impeccable customer support and after sales service and most important designing and delivery a battery pack with highest safety features.

The confidence of Ranjans Li-on Energy in its product design, manufacturing and quality assurance is reflected in the GUARANTEED PRE SET PERFORMANCE AND CYCLE LIFE OF THE LITHIUM ION BATTERY PACKS accompanied with Full Replacement Warranty for up to three years.

The company works on NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide), LFP ( Lithium Iron Phosphate) and Prismatic cells. The product range is from 12 Volts 3 AH (36 watt hours) to 72 Volts 150 AH (10.8 Kilo Watt Hours).


Why Choose Us




Connected with Cloud Software for 24X7 remote diagnostics and safety controls



Innovative customized pack design with enhanced BMS and Thermal Management for efficiency and safety



Guaranteed Performance and Cycle Life coupled with Full Replacement Warranty