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Product Range

Product Specification
ParameterLFP two wheeler Battery
Battery Rating 48V 24Ah 48V 30Ah 48V 36Ah 48V 42Ah 48V 48Ah 60V 24 Ah 60V 30 Ah 60V 36 Ah 60V 42 Ah 60V 48 Ah 72V 24Ah 72V 30Ah 72V 36Ah 72V 42Ahv 72V 48Ah
RangeGrade A 45km 50km 60km 70km 80km 52km 70km 75km 86km 100km 60km 75km 88km 105km 115km
Grade B 36km 45km 53km 62km 71km 45km 65km 70km 81km 95km 56km 70km 83km 100km 110km

The USP of the company is providing customized solutions. Battery Packs of other capacities as well can be designed and supplied as per customer requirement.