E Scooter


Our lithium batteries are designed specifically to increase vehicle range and performance under the harsh conditions of India.

E Rickshaw

60V  /  72V  /  96V

Our lithium batteries, which have a longer life span, can help you produce better, more advanced goods. Innovative power solutions are needed for innovative goods. designing the future? For you, our R&D team will gratefully create lithium solutions for you.

E Loader

60V  /  72V  /  96V

Compared to lead-acid batteries, RLEs lithium batteries have a much better cycle life. This indicates that our batteries can withstand more full charge and discharge cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are more environmentally friendly, last longer, recycle better, and need a lot less upkeep.

Golf Cart


Partnering with Ranjans will help you create better green mobility goods because our engineers will not only give you a precise quotation but also support you with their technical knowledge in the energy storage field.


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