We deliver high-quality Lithium-ion batteries & Energy Storage solutions with end-to-end services including energy audit, system design, system integration, thermal management, installation, operations & maintenance. We make batteries for EVs, ESS, Telecom, Solar, Railway/Metro Signals, Lifts, and other applications.

We deliver effective and efficient solutions for Thermal Management

Our USP: Designing & Manufacturing battery packs in High Voltage & High Current Ratings

Golf Cart (72V 200Ah) Mini Bus (96V 400Ah) Tata Ace (76V144Ah)

Retro Fitment

The way to achieve this is by retrofitting existing ICE vehicles with ELECTRIC powertrains.

Implementing our skillsets & knowledge to design & develop a retrofit kit for LCV (4-Ton GVW), we are trying to enlarge our portfolio in complete E-Mobility Solution Providers. 

Three types of hybrid vehicles are available: a regular hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and a mild hybrid. We are focused on the first two because they provide the best fuel economy and, in the case of a plug-in hybrid, the ability to complete the daily transit without starting the diesel engine.

We have a three-pronged strategy to resolve this Range Anxiety in Electric Vehicles:

  • Dual Power Train solution – the existing IC engine system is retained and is operational and Electric Kit is added to save on running cost
  • Depending on the condition of the existing old engine, this is converted into a power generator used to charge the battery on the go or a new DC output engine capable of charging the battery is installed to again charge the battery on the go
  • The solution would be compatible to be charged on charging stations and also swapping ready to avail so as and when it is available

What we do